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Fantastic Fall


PLEASE NOTE – You may only choose and stay with one track for the entire day.  You may not pick and choose between tracks.


Ages: 6 - 18*
*See track descriptions below for details
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Cost: $65 per child

*Bring lunch, snacks, and drinks with you!*



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Location: ESU’s Science and Technology Center

Track 1 – ages 10-18 Comic Villains Roleplay, Super Heroes and Chess Instructor: Scott Hnasko

In Comic Villains Roleplay, you’ll choose a Marvel or DC villain character.  You’ll try to commit crimes and defeat super heroes!  Will you get away or get put in jail?  Roll the dice in this exciting new adventure!

In DC Comics Deck Building Game, you’ll take heroes into thrilling battles against evil super villains.

Learn and have fun win prizes in our Comic Character Trivia Contest.

Finally, test your skill and logic when you play Chess for All Ages and Abilities!

**Note – this track is strictly limited to 8 students.

Track 2 – ages 6-11 Cooking and Crafts Instructor: Becca Perri

In Fabulous Fall Hot Glue Crafts, you’ll create whimsical, seasonal masterpieces with hot glue.  Share them with your family!

During Fall Feastin’, you’ll learn how to make tasty fall-time creations to impress your friends and family!  Bon Appetit!

Finally, for Fantastic Fall Sweet Treats, you will create delicious fallinspired sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth!